Wet Lab Space

Infusion Technology Center offers brand new, customizable business space which is engineered for wet lab success. Each floor is served by dedicated mechanical rooms with direct access to the exterior, eliminating disruptions that can occur when expanding or replacing mechanical equipment. This also allows the equipment to be tailored for the requirements specific to your wet laboratory business. Mechanical capacity can be increased on a floor-by-floor basis, allowing conversion from office and dry-lab usage to wet laboratory in the future, as businesses grow and need to expand their research operations. Each floor is served and metered independently, and employs a primary perimeter exhaust shaft on the west end of the building. Exhaust shafts for future lab fit-out are capped above the roof for connections to future lab fume hoods and rooftop exhaust fans.

Is Wet Lab Space Right for my Company?

Wet Laboratory Space at Infusion is ideal for companies where chemicals, drugs, or other material or biological matter are tested and analyzed requiring water, direct ventilation, and specialized piped utilities. These wet labs can be customized for any number of sinks, piped gases, fume hoods, and specialty air ventilation systems. Simultaneous and separate ventilation and utility connections ensure reliability, accuracy, and safety for all activity performed on-site. Other features available include concrete floors, high ceilings, hi-speed data access, heavy-duty heating, ventilation, and cooling systems, environmental control technology, and loading docks with dock levelers. Flooring is also engineered to minimize vibration, allowing for the use of high-powered microscopes and other lab equipment. Businesses enjoy multi-use, private, individual suites with separate subdivisions for wet lab, dry lab, admin/office, video conferencing, break rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

Customized to Your Business’s Needs

At Infusion Technology Center, each wet lab module can be customized to the unique tenant needs. Wet labs can be custom-built to have a high, medium, or low density of fume hoods; snorkel exhausts can be added for instrument ventilation at each workstation (or can be shared amongst several). Ventilation, cooling, and heating systems can be upgraded for those performing power intensive work. Open areas may be added for large freestanding equipment, or conversely, a high density of smaller lab stations can be added for high-user labs. Lighting can be positioned for the exact intended use. Sinks can be added at each lab station or shared amongst several. Overhead distribution systems can be added for compressed air; specialty gas instrumentation is also available. No matter the industry, the building can easily be tailored to your business needs.

Why Choose Infusion Technology Center for your Wet Lab

  • Companies gain an impressive image boost for being associated with Innovation Square; increased customer perception and instant credibility
  • Urban setting in a highly visible, collaborative research center
  • 2 blocks from the heart of the UF campus
  • Walking distance to classrooms, research labs, libraries, faculty buildings, and more
  • Brand new building with fully customizable wet lab, dry lab, and office/admin space
  • State-of-the-art technical design for maximum energy efficiency
  • Specifically engineered for laboratory success
  • View additional building features


Infusion Technology Center floorplates vary slightly from floor to floor between the first 8 levels, as shown in the slides below. Available square footage varies by floor as well. Floors 1-4 are designed for a high concentration of fume hoods. By reserving space early, companies can choose floor levels that best match their needs.

Infusion Technology Center Wet Lab Floorplates Infusion Technology Center Wet Lab Floorplates Infusion Technology Center Wet Lab Floorplates Infusion Technology Center Wet Lab Floorplates Infusion Technology Center Wet Lab Floorplates Infusion Technology Center Wet Lab Floorplates Infusion Technology Center Wet Lab Floorplates

Building Features to Support Wet Labs

  • 150,000 square feet of customizable space
  • Floorplates up to 18,000 sqft
  • Spaces ranging from 2,000 to 54,000 sqft
  • Ceiling height up to 12 ft
  • Slab to slab height of 16 ft
  • Energy efficient design
  • 24/7 secure access available
  • On-site parking for employees and visitors
  • Private business suites, fully customizable to your needs
  • 9-story Class A building with state-of-the-art building design
  • 1st floor will contain retail and restaurant space to support the thriving businesses in the building
  • Floors 2-8 will contain flexible space for wet labs, dry labs, and office/technology
  • Customizable for teleconferencing and video conferencing
  • Cutting-edge, fiber optic network with a capacity of 10 gigabits/second
  • Due to the UF Connection, research and educational affiliates within Infusion Technology Center will have access to UF services including the Florida Lambda Rail, National Lambda Rail, and Internet 2
  • Learn more about the Sustainability and Building Specifics

Hood Density Options

The number of fume hoods is driven by the functional needs of work conducted in the laboratory. Fume hoods are available on floors 1-8 of Infusion Technology Center, with floors 1-4 having an expanded airhandling system to accommodate a higher density of fume hoods, approximately 25,000 CFM per floor. Fume hoods are also available on floors 5-8 at a lower density, approximately 20,000 CFM per floor.

Infusion Technology Center Wet Labs Infusion Technology Center Wet Labs Infusion Technology Center Wet Labs Infusion Technology Center Wet Labs Infusion Technology Center Wet Labs Infusion Technology Center Wet Labs

Technical Features to Support Wet Labs

  • Chilled water supplied at 42°F
  • Water comes from a pristine aquifer and is then softened, fluoridated, filtered and chlorinated by GRU
  • Emergency power provided by dedicated 12 KV backbone; stepdown transformer located on-site
  • 480/277 Volt
  • 3000 amp service
  • 3 phase 60 hz service
  • 10 gigabit Ethernet Network
  • LambdaRail and Internet 2 access for research and educational affiliates
  • Floors 2-4: Medium-High
  • Floors 5-8: Low
  • Access to exhaust shafts available on all floors
  • Fume hoods available on all floors; high concentration available on Floors 1-4
  • Each floor has an individual air handler; customizable to tenant needs
  • Four 25,000 CFM (Floors 1-4) and four 20,000 CFM (Floors 5-8)
  • Variable air volume distribution to maximize comfort and efficiency
  • 5 inches
  • Floor load 150 lbs/sqft
  • Smart engineering provides vibration control allowing high power microscopes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My business is not affiliated with UF. Am I eligible for space in Infusion at Innovation Square?
  • Yes. Though there are many benefits due to the close proximity to the UF campus, there is no requirement for businesses to be affiliated in any way with UF in order to lease space within the building. Technology developed within the building is not subject in any way to partnership with UF.
  • My business is currently located in a 5,000 sqft wet lab. We’d like to expand to 7,000 sqft now, 9,000 sqft in 3-5 years and 12,000 in 7-10 years. Can you accommodate our needs for growing space?
  • Yes. Infusion Technology Center at Innovation Square offers a unique Planned Growth Program where tenants can lease commercial space at planned intervals. We then rent out a subsection of that space to a separate company on a lease term that allows the 1st tenant to consider expansion at a planned interval. This can be a great way to save, since moving and customizing another lab can be incredibly expensive and can be disruptive to your business. We can design a Planned Growth Program for your individual business needs. Contact us for more details.
  • We need 3,000 sqft of wet lab space, a conference room and 2,000 sqft of office space for administration. Is there multi-use space available?
  • Yes. We can customize the unit to your needs, including conference rooms, dry labs, wet labs, office/admin/support space, bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms, specialty air systems and much more.
  • Is it possible to lease an entire floor of the building?
  • Yes. We currently have several floors available which have not yet been subdivided for other tenants.

Leasing Information for Infusion Technology Center

  • Customized space at Infusion is available for lease
  • Spaces range from 2,000 to 54,000 square feet (150,000 total sqft available)
  • Tenants lease the shell; all space within the shell can be customized to the exact needs of the business
  • Flexible lease terms; short and long term options available
  • Infusion at Innovation Square offers a unique Planned Growth Program not found in other research parks.
  • Ideal for High-Growth Companies that have outgrown smaller suites, the Infusion Technology Center features flexible office bays, allowing businesses to increase the size of their building space as the company grows, without moving to another location.
  • Speak to a leasing broker at (352) 336-4930 about planned growth options or Request More Info.
  • Contact us for pricing for your specific business needs.

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