UF Ranked 4th in Country for Launching Startups

19, September 2013

The University of Florida has long been revered for its ability to bring technology and research to market. According to the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), UF ranks fourth in the nation in startup creation with 15 just last year. The only institutions that topped UF in the survey, which consisted of 194 universities, were the entire University of California system, the entire University of Texas system, and the Massechusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), according to UF news.

The AUTM report also ranked UF 11th for the number of licenses and options it granted for university research. UF's Office of Technology and Licencing (UF OTL) is an organization that sets out to match marketable research and inventions at the university with investors or companies, including local startups, that may hope to licence that technology.

Through licensing agreements between private organizations and UF OTL, UF collects revenue from the license and the inventors receive 40 percent.

The university's newest science and technology development, Innovation Square, is an interactive, sustainable community just a few blocks east of UF campus and a few blocks west of downtown Gainesville. The idea behind Innovation Square is to connect the research, technology, and world-class talent emanating from the school with businesses in Gainesville. This has companies from all over moving to the area to the area to become a part of the Gainesville community that companies are describing as "warm", "cohesive", and "united behind a common goal."

Various commercial properties are undergoing new renovations to reflect the new, active atmosphere in the Innovation Square community. The office space is in high demand for those hoping to be near like-minded companies and growing economic sector.

By attaining a 4th place ranking in the creation of start-ups, UF validates its ability to collaborate across various mediums and organizations. The ranking verifies outside investor's belief in the school's ability to not only invent marketable research and technologies, but to facilitate the process that will get it to market.

TRIMARK PROPERTIES | STAFF | 19-September-2013