Sears Holdings Selects Innovation Square in Gainesville, FL for First "Center of Excellence"

13, March 2013

GAINESVILLE, FL - Sears Holdings Corp. has chosen Gainesville, FL for its first ever "Center of Excellence", recognizing the area a hub for innovation and technology. The program will provide engineering undergrad students at UF with an oppotunity to get an internship in town focused on software development. Sears made the announcement after spending the day touring UF campus, Ayers Medical Plaza, and UF Innovation Square . Sears' plan is to hire 25 interns the first year of the program's existence and open an office in Gainesville this coming Fall.

“This is the latest chapter in the quickly unfolding success story of Innovation Square and Innovation Gainesville,” Ed Poppell, director of the UF Development Corp said. “Our community knows how to work together to accomplish great things, and the Sears Holdings announcement is a great thing.”

The Council for Economic Outreach joined UF in the effort to recruit Sears Holding Corp to the area.Sears, a fortune 65 company and leader in the retail field, with over 2,600 stores in the US and Canada, joins a myriad of companies who have established themselves in Gainesville citing the region's talent and resources for technological growth. The Center for Economic Outreach (CEO) is responsible for creating economic developement in Alachua County - they are charged with assisting growing entities and recruiting new businesses.

Photo credit: NBC News, Sears

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