RELEASED: New Renderings of the Infusion Technology Center

2, August 2013

Shortly before the breaking ground on the eight-story, 150,000-square-foot building, new renderings have been unveiled that showcase the magnitude of the Infusion Technology Center project.

The renderings, made public this morning, supplement the renderings released in early June. The reproductions depict not only the high-tech building, but also the interactive community that surrounds it, including neighboring Florida Innovation Hub.

Infusion Technology Center quick facts:

  • 150,000 square feet of energy-efficient, customizable space
  • 9-story Class A building with state-of-the-art building design
  • 1st floor will contain retail and restaurant space to support the thriving businesses in the building and community
  • Floors 2-8 will contain flexible space for wet labs, dry labs, and office/technology
  • Floorplates up to 18,000 sqft
  • Spaces ranging from 2,000 to 54,000 sqft
  • Ceiling height up to 12 ft
  • Slab to slab height of 16 ft
  • Cutting-edge, fiber optic network with a capacity of 10 gigabits/second
  • 24/7 secure access available
  • On-site parking for employees and visitors

Read more about the Infusion Technology Center building features.

Due to the UF Connection, research and educational affiliates within Infusion Technology Center will have access to UF services including the Florida Lambda Rail, National Lambda Rail and Internet 2. Infusion also features a planned growth program that allows companies to expand at planned increments (ex: beginning with 8,000 sqft, growing to 10,000 sqft in 3 years and expanding to 15,000 sqft in 5 years) without leaving their current space. This forward-thinking program is among the first of its kind in Florida and allows businesses to keep their long-term capital improvement budgets to a minimum.