Newest Infusion Technology Center Renderings Foreshadow the Building's Presence at Innovation Square

12, June 2013

GAINESVILLE, FL - The newest renderings of the Infusion Technology Center at UF Innovation Square showcase plans for the next building in the science and technology community. The artistic renderings allude to the building's potential as a hub for companies moving to Innovation Square to be near the collision and growth in the area. The building is in its final bidding stage before the beginning of construction.

The 9-story-tall building features Class A lab, retail, restaurant, and office space for lease. Infusion also flaunts a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient design, cutting-edge fiber optic network, and flexible, customizable space. The 150,000 square foot technology center offers floorplans from 2,000 to 54,000.

Infusion Technology Center is 2 blocks from the heart of the UF campus, libraries, research labs and classrooms. This is regarded an ideal location for businesses whose clients, researchers, or employees are involved with UF or simply want to be near the university to attract talent and research opportunites. Businesses looking to join the vibrant, innovative hub at Innovation Square at UF can do so through Infusion Technology Center, which offers a variety of locational and financial incentives to clients.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 12-June-2013