Meeting of the Minds for Innovation Square's MindTree and New General Manager

22, April 2013

GAINESVILLE, FL - When Joelle Smith was hired as general manager of MindTree's first U.S. software developement center at Innovation Square in Gainesville, it wasn't the first time the two parties had been acquainted.

Smith had built a career selling software to traders and investment bankers around the world for Philadelphia-based offices of Wharton Econometrics and Thomson Reuters. In Philidelphia, over a period of just six years, she grew Indian-based AppLabs to 1,000 people after she was hired as only the sixth employee.

Joelle Smith had already worked for Mindtree Limited once before she was hired, but the company, now settled in at Innovation Square, wasn't ready for her. The India-based company hired Smith four years ago to grow its new capital markets division, providing software to the financial services industry. Smith said she was excited to join a larger firm the size of Mindtree, but they were not ready to invest in the infrastructure to support the financial industry. After trying to put her into other areas, "we parted friends" and Smith went to work for a small consulting firm as director of sales for a few years.

“"Mindtree called me back and said, ‘OK, we're really ready for growth now. We promise. And not just capital markets. We're going to grow in everything. Can you move to Gainesville?"”

Smith called it a "meant-to-be type thing." Scott Staples, president of the Americas for Mindtree, was creating a software development center in the U.S., an idea Smith had pitched to her previous boss and was told she was "crazy."

Photo Credit: Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce | MindTree Ribbon Cutting Photo Feature

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 22-April- 2013