HackerHouse Inventions to be Revealed Sunday Evening

29, July 2013

For the past three months, eight "cadets" have been living together in an early 20th century victorian house across from the Thomas Center in Downtown Gainesville. These individual live and ate free of charge with only the goal of creating technologies and starting businesses.

The resulting companies and inventions will be unveiled during "Final Demo Day" starting at 6 p.m. Sunday at 101 Downtown (201 SE Second Ave). The event is open to the public.

HackerHouse is taking applications through August 1st for the second class of cadets that will start September 1st.

About HackerHouse

Photo from HackerHouse.info

Created by Augi Lye, founder of Trendy Entertainment and ToneRite, HackerHouse has set out to cultivate the talent and mindset needed to produce true entrepreneurs.

At HackerHouse, innovation is not only the mantra but the lifestyle. 8 young geniuses live, eat, and breathe what it takes to become a true innovator.
- Augi Lye

After the three month period, a winning prototype will receive $50,000 in financial aid and prizes with HackerHouse retaining only a 6% share of the company. The HackerHouse also provides incentives for interested Angel investors.