Two New Apartments Unveiled Near UF Campus

18, July 2013

Two ground-breaking apartment properties have been unveiled just one block east of the University of Florida Campus. Spanish-themed Solaria and historic-luxury styled Greystone, developed and managed by Trimark Properties, boast innovative design principles and an ideal location that should attract local students and professionals alike.

Noted event speakers, County Commissioner Lee Pinkosen and City Commissioner Thomas Hawkins Jr, spoke to the significance of the apartments’ addition to the University Heights neighborhood.

“It’s been incredible to see this area change,” said City Commissioner Hawkins, Jr., next to a Spanish-tiled fountain in the packed courtyard at Solaria Apartments. “We’ve had some very creative and forward-thinking people that have been able to build what is becoming one of Gainesville’s nicest neighborhoods. I think Trimark Properties has been the leader in that.”

A testament to Solaria’s long-awaited construction, the 25-unit property reached 100 percent occupancy long before the apartment complex was completed. The property’s central courtyard is decorated with terracotta clay, abundant plant life, and Spanish mosaic tiles. The walkway to the courtyard is shadowed by an overhanging pergola and a towering Live Oak tree that was intentionally maintained as a focal point for the apartment complex.

Greystone, just half of a block to the east of Solaria, contains 33 units, 25 new and eight that are renovated historic landmarks. After purchasing three historic buildings, Trimark Properties was able to utilize the character and natural fieldstone design of the buildings that is still apparent at Greystone luxury apartments.

The two apartment properties also feature a pioneering concept that houses utility meters inside each apartment unit. Using this technique, being designed and tested by Gainesville Regional Utilities and Trimark Properties, exterior land that would otherwise house the bulky meters is being used for landscaping and additional complementary features.

Trimark managing partner John Fleming explained that “instead of having 25 water meters in a row, taking up some of the landscaping and beautiful additions of these properties, we are able to tuck them away and use that space to further enhance the project.”

This is another step that embodies the continual development and beautification in the University Heights neighborhood.

County Commissioner Pinkosen and City Commissioner Hawkins Jr, who both grew up in the Gainesville area, mentioned seeing the area in “a very different state” in the past. Both Commissioner Pinkosen and Commissioner Hawkins Jr. expressed confidence and excitement in University Heights’ development and the addition of Solaria and Greystone apartments.

“The transformation taking place in this area is so fascinating,” stated Alachua County Commissioner Lee Pinkosen of the newest housing additions to the University Heights neighborhood. “It’s such an asset and really makes the area look a whole lot better.”

Mr. Fleming also praised the work of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), which provided tax increment funding for a few of Trimark Properties’ student developments ten years ago.

“While long gone are the days of needed incentives for student developments, the CRA was instrumental in making what seems to be commonplace now a reality back in 2002. Remember, up until 2002, there were no new multi-family projects developed since the early 1970’s; 30 plus years,” Mr. Fleming said. “The CRA’s work is not over. There are countless other projects that are in need of their expertise, foresight, and dedication. We see current examples of this with the SW 9th Street and SW 3rd Avenue projects in Innovation Square, the recently completed South 13th Street bridge, and the ongoing storm water and streetscape projects.”

Mr. Fleming also mentioned that this work is in just one of the four redevelopment districts; each with their own challenges and opportunities.

Solaria will see its first tenants moving in tomorrow, Friday, July 19th.

About Trimark Properties

A Gainesville-based real estate firm, Trimark Properties focuses on highly specialized, niche developments immediately adjacent to the University of Florida. Trimark’s portfolio is comprised of ultra-luxury boutique Gainesville apartments near UF campus, houses including fully restored historic homes, private residence halls, high-tech research space, and the proposed Infusion Technology Center at UF Innovation Square. The eight-story Infusion Technology center will be the first privately-owned commercial real estate building within the core of Innovation Square, featuring over 150,000 square feet of customizable lab, research, retail, and office space. Since its founding in 1992, Trimark Properties remains committed to responsible growth through integrity and teamwork.