VenturePitch to Include Gainesville Companies and Keynote Speaker

23, August 2013

VenturePitch, a venture-capital competition and networking event, will take place Tuesday evening from 6 to 9:30 p.m. just east of downtown Orlando. The event is partnering with one local company, has invited another to pitch its ideas, and has slated a Gainesville entrepreneur as its keynote speakers. The event will, undoubtedly be a fascinating program to watch Gainesville ideas and products in action.

VenturePitch organizers have selected TapShield, a Gainesville-based startup that develops mobile phone emergency software, to present their products and ideas to interested investors. Located in Gainesville's active downtown sector, TapShield's mission is to address the slow, out-of-reach, and expensive methods of traditional emergency reporting. The company aims to "change the way people think about personal safety" and create a "peace of mind for students, communities, and companies by transforming smartphones into personalized emergency devices."

VenturePitch will also be partnering with Feathr to go mobile with the company's event/conference networking app, allowing event attendees to connect and follow up with other attendees. Gainesville-based Feathr's app reminds you of who you met, where you met, what you talked about, and whether you've followed up with that contact. It also keeps you in the loop with the event schedule and opens up networking opportunities with project sponsors, speakers, and investors.

Another piece of Gainesville taking part in VenturePitch next Tuesday will be local serial-entrepreneur Jamie Grooms. Slated as the keynote speaker, Grooms has co-founded several high-tech companies in Gainesville and is the chief executive of the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research.

As VenturePitch attendees and organizers ready themselves for the event, be sure to pay attention as Gainesville interestes bring their products, ideas, and advice to the event.