Local Organizations Can Become More Innovative Through UF's Design Thinker: Experience Innovation' Workshop

12, August 2013

The University of Florida has announced a Design Thinker: Experience Innovation workshop that will take place on August 16th at UF's Training, Research and Education for Environmental Occupations (UF TREEO) building. Design Thinker© is a product of collaboration between ExperiencePoint and IDEO, a global innovation and design firm that uses "design thinking" to create positive impact for business and society. "Design thinking" allows organizations to innovation and "invent the future" by providing people with the tools and techniques to think differently, see new opportunities, and create innovative solutions with impact.

Participants in the workshop compete to solve a realistic and complex challenge while engaging with the terms, techniques, and thought patterns of successful innovators. If you want to make improvements in your business or organization; be able to generate ideas and solutions, promote new ways of thinking, and leverage fresh perspectives and perform specific skills for creative problem-solving , then you may want to consider the Design Thinker: Experience Innovation workshop. To register, visit: https://xms.dce.ufl.edu/reg/groups/ldi/course2.aspx?c=6857.

Design Thinker
Photo from the University of Florida.
What: Design Thinker: Experience Innovation
When: August 16, 2013; 8AM - 12 NOON
Where: University of Florida TREEO Center (3900 SW 63 Blvd)
Cost: $300; includes Contintental Breakfast