Buildings Sprouting Up at UF Innovation Square

3, July 2013

Buildings within Innovation Square are beginning pop up. Trimark Properties announced it will break ground on the Infusion Technology Center at UF Innovation Square in the next quarter after picking a construction manager. The eight-story sustainable building will offer high-tech office space, wet/dry lab space, and retail and restaurant space on the bottom floor. Plans for apartments, a dorm and a co-work space are being ironed out as well.

Below is an exerpt from Anthony Clark's article in the Gainesville Sun:

"By selecting CPPI, Trimark has committed to keeping the majority of construction dollars within the local economy," CPPI Chairman and President Breck Weingart said in a news release.

Groundbreaking for the Infusion Technology Center is expected in the third quarter of this year with construction complete in 2014.

The building is designed to house companies that are interested in working with UF as research partners or to hire graduates.

Trimark has serious interest from a handful of technology companies, including some that want multiple floors, said Managing Partner John Fleming. He said he expects some announcements from the companies within the next 30 days.

The 150,000-square-foot building will include lab space, office space and a rooftop terrace. It also will include 10,500 square feet of restaurant/retail space or small companies in as many as four spaces on the ground floor.

"We will be looking to engage a coffee shop, small deli or small restaurant in one or more of the available spaces," Fleming wrote in an email to The Sun.

The building was designed to achieve Green Globes certification from the Green Building Initiative, an alternative to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards.

Trimark also will be building UF's INSPIREation Hall — a dorm slated to open in 2015 for students who want to start a business — on property the company owns across the street.

The developer hopes to break ground in August on a 77,000-square-foot apartment community called Savion Park with 115 bedrooms in 55 units just south of the Square on the site of the former Compassionate Outreach Ministries church that was demolished last year.

Fleming referred to Savion Park as a transition property for students and young professionals.

"It's on the edge of a very student-oriented district but also on the edge of a young professional district, on the edge of Innovation Square," he said.

The apartments should be ready in July 2014, he said.

Trimark is in the beginning stages of planning Nimbus, an 8,000- to 10,000-square-foot co-work space — or shared office — on the perimeter of the Square and probably will start construction in the fall of 2014, Fleming said.

While he said there is space in the Hub for startup companies and throughout Innovation Square for larger companies, "What we are missing at the moment is for the architect who wants to stop practicing at his house or her house or a lawyer who wants to be part of Innovation Square and can't afford 2,000 square feet but just needs an office, and small startup companies that for whatever reason don't fit within the Hub and just have an idea.

"We're getting a lot of interest."

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